Reverse Lookups

One of the main things that we’ll first look at is how to declutter our often overly connected lifestyles. This means reducing our outside distractions and peace of mind.

Americans spend over 4 hours a day on their phones. This is a lot of time. You can spend this time doing other activities, like exercising, meeting up with friends, pursuing a hobby, etc. All of this time spent on your phone can reduce your productivity and also affect your personal relationships.

How To Reduce Screen Time

There are several steps that you can take to help reduce your screen time and that of your family members:

  • Involve yourself. Become active in your community, join a intramural sports team that interests you, find a hobby that you like, volunteer with a group that does something that you feel is important. There are a lot of ways to engage with new people.
  • Make a schedule. Choose your favorite TV shows, video games, online activity and set a specific time to do them each week.
  • Don’t make screen time a punishment or a reward. When you are bored or feel socially uncomfortable don’t revert to your phone. Instead try to start a conversation with someone, read a book, or explore a hobby.
  • Don’t eat with screens around. Take a break from your screen whether you’re at work or at home. Put away phones or leave them at home when you go out to eat with friends, family, or your significant other.
  • Make a no screen policy in your bedroom. This means no TV, tablets, or phones. Set your phone to airplane mode at night. This will prevent you from being woken up by notifications.

Other Ways To Reduce Phone-Related Anxiety

Telephone phobia is a very real thing and nearly 15 million Americans have this form of social anxiety, the fear and avoidance of making a phone call.

One way to help yourself through this fear is to identify who is calling you. You can do this by running a reverse lookup on the number that is trying to reach you.

Knowing who is on the line will help you in identifying who you need to speak to. In several blog posts we’ll discuss how you can identify who is calling you.